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Background Checks, Pre Employment Checks, Background Screenings, Criminal Records, Prison Records, Public Records, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Divorce Records, People Find, Vital Records, Care-Giver Screening, Criminal Sex Offender Records.
.........BackgroundsUSA, we do all these things! See below for a complete list of the web sites that provide these services:

Backgrounds USA is a nationwide employment, tenant screening and background check company providing our clients the information needed to find the most qualified, honest, competent employees and tenants.

Our web sites, listed on the right can provide access to a wealth of public records and criminal records that we access from all the States of the US through a network of researchers and online databases.

Our promise to you: We access the most current, comprehensive, easy to read and accurate information available from over 15,000 sources.

We are determined to respond expediently to every request with the fastest turnaround time possible.

We are committed to providing the most professional and personalized services at low competitive prices.

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