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STATE OF New Hampshire

Obtain certified Death Certificates from the State of New Hampshire. Order online! Click HERE to order.

We are able to obtain Certified Copies of New Hampshire Death Certificates, as well as fetal death records or death certificates for Genealogy and research purposes (see below). (Note: we are able to provide certificates from every state in the US). Turnaround time can vary by county within the State of New Hampshire, but most regular death certificate requests are mailed out within 10-12 business days.
The cost is about $37.95.
The state can and does change its prices without any warning. We try to keep these web pages up to date, and the most current price will be shown on the order page when you order online. To see our most current online pricing for Death Record searches in this state, please click HERE.
Be assured that our services are completely confidential, and your privacy is guaranteed. Expedited Fed-Ex Service is available for an additional $25.00 (please call 1.800.315.7678 for expedited service).

To provide a Certified Copy of an New Hampshire Death Certificate we will need the information listed below. This information is required to meet legal requirements, and to process your order as expeditiously as possible. 

If you DO know when the death occurred, then please provide the following information for us to process your request:

  • Full name of person at the time of death

  • Date of death

  • City or county in the State of New Hampshire where the death occurred

  • Social security number if known

  • Your relationship to the individual – you must be related or a legal representative

  • Reason for the request

  • Please fax a copy of your driver’s license, sign the paper under your license and fax to us at 1-877-587-4455


We will also need you to provide the following to process your request:

  • Full Name
  • Mailing Address where you would like this document sent
  • Daytime Phone Number or email where we can contact you if we have an questions concerning your order.

GENEALOGY RESEARCH - Are you looking for the Death Certificate of a Deceased Relative who passed away in the State of New Hampshire?  [Or read below if you simply don't know the date of death]
If your search for a New Hampshire Death Certificate is for Genealogy purposes, OR if you do not know the date of death, then read on: We are able to search the death record archives in 10-year blocks of time. On the basis of the best information that you have, you have to select which 10 year time span you want to be searched. Additional charges will apply if you want to search several 10-year time periods. The processing time for these requests varies depending upon the amount of information provided.  Normally information is sent out in two to four weeks.

If you do NOT know the date of death then we are able to search records over a 10 year span. The following information is required:

  • Full name of person at the time of death

  • Date of death – or ten-year time span to search

  • City or county in the State of New Hampshire where the death occurred – if known

  • Social security number if known

  • Your relationship to the individual – You must be directly related to the person or you must have a signature of next of kin authorizing the release of this information.

  • Date of birth if known

  • Names of parents if known

  • Name of spouse if known

  • Reason for the request


As with any piece of research we understand that sometimes not all the information that we require is available to you. We are willing to attempt a search in the New Hampshire state archives based on fragmentary evidence, but the chances of finding the exact record that you require is reduced. 
In cases where you may not have all the information at hand, PLEASE give us as much information as you have. On the online order form there is a text box where additional information can be entered. Use this to enter ANY other information that you have that might pertain to the search. This might include different States or New Hampshire counties of residence; the location of relatives; or different places where the subject was resident.
is a professional record searching organization with many years of experience in searching for often hard-to-find personal and public records. The accuracy of our results, and speed of the service that we can provide depends on the information that you provide us. Again, As with any piece of historical research, the more information that you can give us, then the greater the likelihood that we can find the exact information that you are searching for. Make sure that you provide us with all the details that you can about the subject, where the death occurred, and the date and location death if known. Our services are to provide the search, and although we make every effort to provide you with the results that you are looking for, we cannot guarantee the results if the information provided is incomplete or inaccurate.
Please check that you are giving us your correct name, address, email and telephone number. The telephone number is optional, but if there is a problem with your order it makes it much easier for us to contact you directly if we have questions. If you have any difficulties with our online ordering process, call 1-800-315-7678 (or 303-455-8855 if outside of the US). We can place your order manually.  Order Here >>

For further information about the services offered by USAVital contact
Customer Service by email or call 1-800-315-7678 (or 303-455-8855 if outside of the US). Our fax number is 1-877-587-4455 (303-455-4771 if outside of the US). Our hours of business are from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Mountain Standard Time (MST), Monday - Friday. Our offices are located at 1760 Gaylord Street, Denver, Colorado, 80206. For technical problems, contact Webmaster, Jason Hicks.
Fraudulent or Contested Credit Card Charges
Credit card fraud is an ongoing problem. For unsubstantiated, contested, or fraudulent credit card charges, there will be an additional $25.00 MINIMUM processing charge, PLUS collection and legal fees, IF incurred. If you call to cancel your order BEFORE the order is processed, then there will be a $15 cancellation charge assessed. BUT please be advised that ONCE your request has been transmitted to our researchers it is NOT possible for us to cancel the charges, or change or expedite the order. By placing an order with us you hereby agree to these terms.

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